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It’s Slime Time!slime

What makes parents cringe and kids grin? Slime! Now you can make your very own super slippery slime right in your own kitchen. There is no need to go out and buy this gooey substance — save money by making your own. Plus you get to control what ingredients go into the mixture. Whether you make up a batch for Halloween, for a science project or just for fun, one thing is for certain — [you] will have a ball with slime.
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Tongue TwistersAlbert Einstein - tongue

A tongue twister is a phrase, sentence or rhyme that presents difficulties when spoken because it contains similar sounds—Whistle for the thistle sifter, for example. To get the full effect of a tongue twister you should try to repeat it several times, as quickly as possible, without stumbling or mispronouncing. Tongue twisters have long been a popular form of wordplay, particularly for schoolchildren, but they also have a more serious side – being used in elocution teaching and in the treatment of some speech defects.
The collection of funny tongue twisters presented here, however, is purely for entertainment, and consists of many old favorites as well as some new ones — try to tackle tricksy tongue twisters today! Read more

A Piece of Poetry

Fueled by a million man-made wings of fire
the rocket tore a tunnel through the sky
and everybody cheered.
only by a thought from God —
the seedling
urged its way
through the thickness of black —
and as it pierced
the heavy ceiling of the soil —
and launched itself
up into outer space —

(“Fueled,” Marcie Hans)

Geospy Game

Quick—how many countries can you pinpoint on a map? How about continents? You’ve got just a few seconds to find as many places as you can. Good luck! Read more

Farm to Market: Chocolate

[This movie] reveals the process behind one of the world’s most popular treats. Viewers will see how chocolate begins as cacao beans growing on the cacao plant. The journey will continue with the processing of cacao seeds into cocoa, which is then transformed into delicious chocolate products.

Super Sudoku

Stretch your brain a little with these fun number puzzles! You can choose from easy, medium, hard, and fiendish levels. Read more

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