About NatWorld Magazine

Created by two LDS teenagers, NatWorld Magazine is an all-new website designed to help kids and teens discover the exciting world of reading and learning. This mission is accomplished through monthly issues of the magazine filled with articles specifically chosen to spark curiosity. Users are encouraged to subscribe to the magazine to have it automatically sent to their email inbox.

NatWorld Magazine is an excellent resource for parents and teachers who want to encourage their kids/students to appreciate and enjoy reading and learning. This is especially important in the ever-demanding world we live in. More and more education is needed to provide for the cost of living; so why not make learning more appealing?

NatWorld began in 2007 when Natalie Hansen was searching for a website that promoted reading and learning. She was unsuccessful in finding exactly what she was looking for, and mostly only came across websites for textbook companies or young children. Natalie decided to team up with her brother Ben Hansen, a graphic designer and web programmer, to produce what she couldn’t find. They called it “NatWorld” after Natalie. There’s no website quite like it.

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