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Farm to Market: Chocolate

[This movie] reveals the process behind one of the world’s most popular treats. Viewers will see how chocolate begins as cacao beans growing on the cacao plant. The journey will continue with the processing of cacao seeds into cocoa, which is then transformed into delicious chocolate products.

Don’t Just Stand Thereā€”Do Something!

Ever wanted to make a difference but you weren’t sure what to do? Or maybe you have some ideas but you don’t know how to make them happen. Or still yet, you want to do some community service that will count towards your college application. is perfect for teens just like you. “[This website] provide[s] the tools and resources for you to convert your ideas and energy into positive action.” Read more

Book Review: Tunnel in the Sky

tunnel in the skyA seventeen year old boy is stranded alone on an unknown planet. He is excited, terrified and happy for he is here as a final exam. His career goal demands he take a class in survival. The final exam is to survive a few days in the wilderness of an unsettled planet. On his second day in the wilderness, suddenly, everything goes horribly wrong. He loses all his supplies and has to struggle to find food armed only with a knife. The days pass into weeks. The “tunnel in the sky” that brought him to the planet fails to reappear. There is no explanation and no way home. He realizes that he and his classmates are stranded. Now he faces the problem of finding his classmates who are somewhere on the planet. Then, when he finds them, the real problems of survival begin. Read more


Forget about mummification. Today you can see real human cadavers in a traveling museum called Body Worlds. Modern technology has revealed an incredible new way of preserving human bodies. It’s called plastination. During the process, the water and fat in an animal or human is replaced by plastic. Read more

9 Things Invented or Discovered by Accident

We tend to hold inventors in high esteem, but often their discoveries were the result of an accident or twist of fate. This is true of many everyday items, including the following surprise inventions. Read more

Super Sudoku

Stretch your brain a little with these fun number puzzles! You can choose from easy, medium, hard, and fiendish levels. Read more

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